Client stories :Vinci Energies

A learning expedition in Singapore for the ExCom of VINCI Energies to discover best practices in Smart City and Industry 4.0

Challenge & Context

The energy industry faces two disruptions: the energy transition and the digital transformation. The ExCom of VINCI Energies came to Singapore to discover best practices in the Smart City and Industry 4.0


A 4-day learning expedition with more than 20 meetings, leading to the decision to invest in a specific industry and use Singapore as a test-bed for their innovation processes.



The work of Innovation Is Everywhere on our Learning Expedition in Singapore was really great. It offers us a 100% personalized experience with an interesting approach, a deep knowledge of the ecosystem and its players and lots of positive energy. We’ll definitely work together again! ”

Julien Guillaume
Open Innovation Manager, VINCI Energies

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