Learning Expedition Beijing:
A Hub for Foreign Trading and Investments

ABOUT beijing :

Beijing is a city with a rich history and a vibrant economy, making it an ideal destination for a corporate learning expedition. The city is at the forefront of innovation, with a thriving tech scene that has gained international recognition in recent years. Beijing is also home to some of the world's leading research institutions and universities, making it a hub for cutting-edge research and development. With a focus on topics such as AI, fintech, and sustainable development, a learning expedition in Beijing provides a unique opportunity for executives to gain valuable insights and network with industry leaders in these fields.


Organizing a learning expedition in Beijing presents numerous advantages for corporate teams looking to expand their knowledge and network. A learning expedition in Beijing provides a unique opportunity for corporate teams to gain valuable insights into the latest developments in tech, as well as expand their network and explore opportunities in the Chinese market.


Learning Expedition in Technology, AI, Big Data and IoT:

Beijing is known as a hub for the tech industry, with companies such as Xiaomi headquartered in the city. These companies are leaders in innovation, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things. This has helped to drive innovation and has led to the development of numerous cutting-edge technologies. Beijing is also home to a vibrant startup scene, with numerous small and medium-sized companies that are focused on developing new technologies and disrupting traditional industries. Many of these startups are focused on emerging areas such as blockchain, robotics, and virtual reality, which are expected to have a major impact on the global economy in the coming years.

Learning Expedition in Finance :

The financial industry in Beijing has been a key player in the development of the Chinese economy. As the capital city of China, Beijing has become a center for financial activities, attracting both domestic and foreign financial institutions. Beijing's financial industry plays a significant role in the country's financial system and is instrumental in driving China's economic growth. Beijing's financial industry has also embraced technology, with the rise of fintech companies such as Debeijin Service Technology. These companies have been at the forefront of digital payment systems and online financial services, revolutionizing the way financial services are provided in China.

Learning Expedition in Foreign Trade and Investment

Foreign trade and investment is a major industry in Beijing, with the city serving as a hub for international trade and finance. Beijing is home to a number of international organizations and events related to trade and investment, such as the China International Fair for Investment and Trade and the China International Exhibition Center. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, also known as the Jing-Jin-Ji region, is a key area for foreign trade and investment, with the central government focusing on the development of this region as a strategic economic zone.

Topics of interest for your Learning Expedition in beijing :

# AI

# Fintech

# Machine Learning

# Insurtech

# Natural Language Processing

# Blockchain

# Industry 4.0

# Finance

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Our company is dedicated to designing tailor-made learning expeditions that offer an exclusive opportunity to delve into the latest trends and practices in a particular industry. We provide a complete service that manages all logistical details, allowing our clients to concentrate solely on enhancing their learning experience and developing their professional network. Our skilled facilitators guide the expeditions, stimulating participants to think innovatively and critically, broaden their horizons, and gain new insights into their field. Our objective is to provide a dynamic and transformative experience that motivates and empowers our clients to achieve their objectives.