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About Us :

At Corporate Learning Expeditions, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey that never stops, especially in the fast-paced corporate world.

We are committed to empowering leaders of large organizations to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of our world.

Our mission is to prepare current and future leaders to spearhead innovation and transformation in the face of significant societal shifts and emerging technological trends.

We recognize that the world of tomorrow will be shaped by climate change, geopolitical upheavals, and advances in technology, which is why we offer a unique blend of immersive experiences and cutting-edge content to equip our clients with the necessary tools to lead the way.

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Why choose us ?

Our learning expeditions encourage participants to break out of their daily routines, take a moment to reflect on their values and behavior, and draw inspiration from peers and innovators who are leading their teams in this fast changing world.

Whether you're a high-potential executive or top executive, our programs are designed to develop new ways of working with collective intelligence tools and capabilities to positively influence others.

Founded in 2012, with offices in Singapore, Paris and Nantes, our team has organized 200+ learning expeditions, seminars and business exploration trips, and explored 20+ ecosystems across the world with our clients.

We believe that by offering a space for thought-provoking discussions and immersive experiences, we can help leaders to think about the future and leverage emerging trends and new business opportunities.

How do we organize an impactful learning expedition for your team ?

Strategic content

We design a program for you to get various perspectives (corporate, academic, entrepreneurs, experts, public sector…) on your key challenges, get inspired by the most innovative companies, and compare strategies with peers. We also guide you to choose the best destination to meet with the most advanced companies in your strategic topic to help you transform.

Strategic facilitation

We offer strategic facilitation to maximize the learning outcomes for our clients. Our team of skilled facilitators brings expertise in various industries and facilitates meaningful discussions, workshops, and activities throughout the journey. They guide participants in extracting key insights, connecting the learning experiences to real-world challenges , and developing actionable strategies.

Activation strategy

From the onboarding to the post-expedition retex sessions, we design a learner journey focused on how to activate the acquired learnings. We ensure that participants can effectively apply their learning in their professional lives and that the inspiration gained during our expeditions translates into practical and measurable outcomes, driving positive change and transformation for individuals and organizations alike.

Methodology to design the best learning expedition

Through co-construction with our clients, we help them clarify their key challenges and key topics, and collaborate to create 100% customized learning expeditions that match their expectations. We handle all logistics, ensuring a hassle-free, all-inclusive experience. From transportation to accommodations and activities, we take care of everything, allowing our clients to focus on learning, networking, and enjoying the journey. ​

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