Client stories : Suez

Learning Expedition in Berlin for top leaders from Suez across regions to accelerate the company’s cultural transformation to a digital and open innovation mindset

Challenge & Context

The French-based utility company Suez wanted to speed up their digital transformation and inspire their leaders across all regions to work with their ecosystem more, learn good practices of open innovation and cultural transformation inside companies and learn how to collaborate with startups to speed up their digital transformation.



We organized a 5 days learning expedition in Berlin, a leading tech hub in Europe, and met companies such as Zalando or the tech incubator of Detusche Telekom. The experience has strengthened Suez internal network across regions and generations,  as well as strengthened the awareness and understanding of local talents of the digital eco-system and culture.




“This program is not just about meeting the tech superstars, it’s to understand how do they get things done and how do you need to work in today’s digital workplace.”

 “We learn not only on the cultural part but also on the execution part. How we do it ? How they do it ?” 

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