Client stories : Dexia

"Reinvent Banking" Virtual Learning Expedition for Dexia's Top 50 Leaders and Executive Committee

Challenge & Context

Dexia Group’s HR department undertook an innovative endeavor to launch the “Reinvent Banking” Virtual Learning Expedition amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 restrictions. The objective of this initiative was to provide valuable insights into the ever-evolving finance sector, foster an understanding of innovative company cultures, and cultivate resilience and a positive outlook on the future for the bank’s expanded Executive Committee.


The program featured a series of live, interactive virtual events, offering a blend of in-house analytical content highlighting key trends in the financial sector, insights from experts and industry leaders sharing their experiences, and debriefing sessions for thoughtful reflection on the acquired knowledge.


“Totally met my expectations and even exceed them”

“Very impressive presentation on change management and leadership”

“I liked the concrete exemple of what needs to be done to create an innovation team”

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